Ron Rice Cause Of Death: How Did Ron Rice Die?

The 81-year-old originator of Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion, Ron Rice, has passed away. However, no cause of death has been revealed.

In the end, he was a resident of Ormond Beach, Florida, and he left a lasting legacy in the world of skincare.

Ron Rice
Ron Rice

It was in 1969 that Rice created Hawaiian Tropic after experimenting with several chemical mixtures in an old garbage can and an old broom handle.

A high school science teacher and football coach, he hired two teenagers to bottle it for him, and he was soon making a constant flow of extra money to complement his regular salary.

Sunless tan lotion would not be the only product offered by Hawaiian Tropic. A number of well-known models and celebrities got their start in the modeling industry thanks to the Miss Hawaiian Tropic International pageant, which was held here from 1984 through 2010.

Marla Maples met her future husband, pageant judge, and President-to-be Donald Trump as a result of her participation in the pageant.

Playtex Products, Inc. purchased Hawaiian Tropic from Rice in 2007. When his non-compete clause expired in 2015, he re-entered the skincare sector by launching Havana Sun, another Ormond Beach-based brand.

In his final years, he struggled with illness and was working on an autobiography that will be published after his death.

In the 1960s, Rice worked as a lifeguard in Volusia County, Florida, where he recalls seeing nothing but Coppertone sunscreen.


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