Rustam Mammad Ibrahim oglu Ibragimbekov who is normally called Rustam Ibragimbekov was brought into the world on February 5, 1939, in Baku, Azerbaijan.

He was a known screenwriter and maker who passed on March 11 2022 this year.

Mammad Ibrahimbeyov and his significant other Fatima Meshadibeyova brought Rustam Ibragimbekov up in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR.

His dad was a Shamakhy local who functioned as a workmanship student of a history teacher. Magsud Ibrahimbeyov, an Azerbaijani writer and legislator, was Ibragimbekov’s more youthful sibling.

Rustan was a product of the Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute. He went on to major in scripted work at movie directing at the Institute of Cinematography in Moscow.

Rustam Ibragimbekov Ex Wives: Shohrat Ibrahimbeyova and Lyudmila Dukhovnaya

Rustam Ibragimbekov married two wives namely; Shohrat Ibrahimbeyova and Lyudmila Dukhovnaya.

The marriage between Rustam Ibragimbekov and Shohrat Ibrahimbeyova resulted in the birth of Fuad Ibrahimbeyov, however, they divorced along the way.

Ibragimbekov married actress Lyudmila Dukhovnaya with whom he had a daughter named Fatima.

Lyudmila is an actress who was born on 23 October 1944. She hails from Baku, Azerbaijan. The actress has risen to prominence for her roles in the films The Golden Goose, Find That Girl.


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