The Seattle Mariners are a major league baseball club in the United States with their home base in the city. They represent the American League West in Major League Baseball. As an expansion team, the squad moved into the Kingdome in 1977, where they played their home games.

 A lawsuit gave rise to the Seattle Mariners. Seattle, King County, and the state of Washington sued the American League for breach of contract following the acquisition and transfer of the Seattle Pilots to Milwaukee as the Milwaukee Brewers by Bud Selig in 1970.

These dreadful hats were worn by Seattle supporters for one season before Milwaukee’s Bud Selig seized control and transferred them. In 1977, Seattle gained a second professional sports team, although the quality of the squad’s caps had not improved by that time. The upside-down trident used to form the M in the original Mariners hat design. They were said to be cursed with ill luck, and the Mariners never had a winning season while sporting an upside-down trinity.

Even the most cringe-inducing of Seattle’s cap designs wasn’t the worst in baseball history. That accolade goes to my 1972 Columbia Ford Little League team’s extremely kind and well-meaning mother, who offered to sew pinto symbols into our caps. The Trident logo was eventually changed to the “S” in the 1981 season along with their jerseys.

Here is a list of Baseball Caps used by the Mariners

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