SeattAmerican football team the Seattle Seahawks are based in Seattle.

American football team the Seattle Seahawks are based in Seattle. The Seattle Seahawks are a member of the NFC West, a division of the National Football League that they joined in 2002. In 1976, the squad became an expansion franchise in the NFL. Seattle was a member of the AFC West from 1977 through 2001.

The Seattle Seahawks have had a great number of Running Backs in their franchise history. The likes of Shaun Alexander, Chris Warren, Curt Warner, and Mack Strong have been the pillars in returning backs position in the Seahawks.

Here is a list of 5 of the Seattle Seahawks Best Running Backs Of All-Time.

1. Shaun Alexander

As far as Seahawks running backs go, Shaun Alexander stands head and shoulders above the others. He won the MVP award in 2005 and was selected to three Pro Bowls throughout the course of his career.

Alexander, on the other hand, suffered from a stunning decline, which is not uncommon in the case of big-time backs. Despite his decline in 2005, he remains one of the greatest running backs in the history of the Seattle Seahawks.

2. Curt Warner

In his first season, Warner rushed for 1,449 yards, setting a new NFL record. In his second season, he suffered a severe injury, but he returned in 1985 and went on to have a successful career. Even though Warner may not be a household name outside of the city of Seattle, he was the first big name to emerge in the Seahawks’ backfield after a sluggish start to the franchise’s existence.

3. Chris Warren

When he first signed with the Seahawks out of college, Warren wasn’t the primary running back, but after his third season, he took control and went on to post four straight seasons of at least 1,000 yards rushing.

Chris was another Seattle Seahawks running back who is largely forgotten by NFL fans outside of the Emerald City, yet he made three Pro Bowls and had an outstanding career in the early 1990s.

4. Mack Strong

During 14 seasons with Seattle, Mack Strong rushed for 909 yards and five touchdowns. It is safe to say that Strong laid the groundwork for a number of various tailbacks over his illustrious career. The fact that he made consecutive trips to the Pro Bowl at the end of his career helped him get recognition.

5. Marshawn Lynch

In three seasons with the Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch rushed for 2,200 yards and 20 touchdowns. On the other hand, he had the potential to be a great one in the Pacific Northwest, and his 2010 playoff run over the entire New Orleans Saints defense was probably the greatest single run in Seahawks history.


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