Sheggz BBN Parents: Who Are Sheggz BBNaija’s Parents?

Sheggz BBNaija

Sheggz was the big brother house’s twenty-fourth new resident for the “Level Up” season of BBNaija 2022. His full name is Segun Daniel Olusemo. He is a Nigerian professional football player as well as an actor. He was born in 1995.

In the BBNaija house, he goes by the nickname Sheggz instead of his full name. He is a confident man who works hard and is a knowledgeable employee. He is a good listener and can be talkative when appropriate. He is an honest, pleasant, and ambitious single man who believes he can make a significant impact on the world.

Sheggz calls himself “confident, but not arrogant” and “the right combination of Lagos and London,” and he claims that it’s important to be both a hard worker and a smart worker. Talkative when necessary, but also an excellent listener. He is a lover without a doubt, yet he likes to get to know people first.

He is looking for connections and is single. Sheggz has been hanging out with Terri, a singer from Wizkid’s record company, and is also well known to several other celebs. He also has tattoos, which in BBNaiji seems to be a very popular trend among men. Sheggz has revealed that he will elevate the BBNaija experience for spectators.

Who Are Sheggz BBNaija’s Parents?

Sheggs has not yet revealed who his parents are but we do know they are both Nigerians.

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