Daniel Olusemo, an English actor and soccer player who is currently 26 years old, is better known by his stage name, Segun Sheggz.

It is more common to refer to him by his stage name. After suffering an accident the previous year, he decided to get back into the acting business, and, most recently, he was offered a position in a play that was directed by Tola Odunsi.

Sheggz BBNaija
Sheggz BBNaija

Sheggz contends that in order to be successful, one must be “confident, but not cocky” and “the correct combination of Lagos and London.” Additionally, he is of the opinion that it is necessary to be both a diligent worker and an intelligent worker.

Sheggz has the self-belief that he is a person who is firmly rooted in reality, approachable, and driven to achieve success. He has the ability to talk a lot when the circumstances require it, but he is also an excellent listener.

Sheggz BBNaija State of Origin: Which State Does Sheggz BBN Come From?

Sheggz, a contestant on Big Brother Naija season 7, hails from the state of Lagos. The sprawling metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city, may be reached from the coast of the Gulf of Guinea by crossing the Lagos Lagoon.

In addition to being the economic hub of the city, Victoria Island is famous for the beach resorts, boutiques, and nightlife that can be found there.

The National Museum of Lagos may be found on Lagos Island’s northern tip, where it houses a collection of cultural relics and handicrafts. Freedom Park, which was a prison during the colonial era and is now a significant venue for concerts and other public events, is located nearby.


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