Who Is Adrian Chesters?

Adrian Chesters happens to be a British oil executive and shell Boy whose trending death news about him mysteriously passes away unnoticed. According to reports, the British oil executive was found dead with his teenage son at the very reported incident when their body was found.

Adrian Chesters happens to be an engineer, working as a 46 years old British oil executive. According to investigations, Adrian Chesters and his son Nathan together with a group of four were reported to have been undergoing diving training or a relief off exercise. The diving center was reported to be on a small island of Pulau Tokong Sanggol.

The incident became a dreadful one when the whereabouts of both Adrian and his son was nowhere to be found. According to the analysis they were likely to have been abandoned when their skipper returned to the port along with a piece of heartbreaking news.

The captain of the ship or career according to the reports made a complaint statement concerning the incident, but it became obvious that he was remanded for testing positive for methamphetamine after his urine sample was collected. According to reports, there are no detailed indications their bodies were found after the incident.

Shell Boss Adrian Chesters Real Age

Adrian Chesters Real Age is 46 years.

Shell Boss Adrian Chesters Wife

There is no information regarding who his wife is at the moment.

Shell Boss Adrian Chesters Children

Adrian is known to have one son whom he died during the expedition. His son’s name was Nathan.

Shell Boss Adrian Chesters Net Worth

Adrian Chester’s net worth is not known currently. His net worth is not in the spotlight.

Shell Boss Adrian Chesters Cause Of Death

Adrian Chester and his son were reported dead as a result of their going diving and getting drowned without being able to save themselves.


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