Shivkumar Sharma Parents: Meet Shivkumar Sharma Father & Shivkumar Sharma Mother

Shivkumar Sharma

Shivkumar Sharma was an Indian composer and santoor player from Jammu. The santoor is originally a folk instrument but became an instrument for Indian classical through his internationally recognized playing style.

The Pioneer of Santoor (1994)”, “The Glory of Strings — Santoor” (1991), “Varsh – A Homage to the Rain Gods” (1993), “Hundred Strings of Santoor” (1994), “Sampradaya” (1999), “Vibrant Music for Reiki 2003,” “Essential Evening Chants 2007,” “The Last Word in Santoor 2009,” and “Sangeet Sartaj” (2011).

shivkumar sharma
shivkumar sharma

Composed music for various films, such as Silsila (1981), Fasle (1985), Chandni (1989), and Lamhe (1991) collaborating with flutist Hari Prasad Chaurasia (1993). The Shiv-Hari music duet was named after them.

‘Journey with a Hundred Strings: My Life in Music,’ his autobiography, appeared in 2002.

Students from all across India and the world would come to him for free lessons in santoor because he didn’t charge any fees for his services.

When Pandit Shivkumar Sharma met Manorama, he proposed to her and the two of them got married. Both he and his son Rahul are well-known santoor players, and the two have collaborated on numerous occasions.

On May 10, 2022, in Mumbai, Pandit Shivkumar Sharma died of a heart arrest. As a result of his kidney problems, he was put on dialysis. He was 84 years old.

Shivkumar Sharma Parents: Meet Shivkumar Sharma Father & Shivkumar Sharma Mother

‘Raj pandit’ of the Maharaja Pratap Singh court and a Benaras Gharana singer and musician, Shivkumar Sharma’s mother Uma Dutt Sharma gave birth to him on January 13, 1938, in Jammu, British India (now Jammu and Kashmir, India).

Music became a part of his life from the tender age of 5. When he was a child, his father and Guru taught him to play the tabla and to sing. At the age of twelve, he began playing on the local Jammu radio station.

It was his father’s ambition that his son would become the first person to play Indian classical music on the santoor, a stringed instrument.

His father had always wanted him to learn Santoor when he was little, so when he was thirteen, he began studying the language.


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