What is the real name of World’s Oldest Living Person?

Sister André  real name is Lucile Randon. She is now the world-known longest living person.

Sister Andre of France, who is thought to have become the world’s oldest living person this week at the age of 118, said Tuesday that she now wants to break the record for the oldest person ever and that work and caring for others have kept her young for a long time.

Sister André
Sister André

“People say labor kills, but work kept me alive; I worked until I was 108,” the Catholic nun told reporters in the tea room of the hospice where she lives in Toulon, in the Mediterranean city of Toulon, on Tuesday.

She used to care for other old individuals considerably younger than herself, despite the fact that she is now blind and uses a wheelchair.

Sister Therese, a nearly 89-year-old nun, pushes her to mass every morning in the hospice’s small chapel.

Sister Andre had “a mission to assist others,” she said, and “her great faith” aided her in her efforts.

But the sister, who was once hailed as the world’s oldest person before Japan’s Kane Tanaka died at the age of 119, isn’t above a little indulgence.

She was making sure that the chocolates and traditional Provence sweets that people had bought for her were safely stowed as Toulon mayor Hubert Falco informed her that she was “an object of pride and an example to the whole world.”

Sister Andre’s days are interrupted by prayer, mealtimes, and visits from other residents and hospice personnel as well as a regular flow of letters, almost all of which she responds to.

Sister Andre was born in 1904 in Ales, located in southern France.

She even managed to survive a COVID-19 infection last year, becoming a symbol of hope for people all around the world.

She, on the other hand, refuses demands for hair strands or DNA samples.

She smiles and replies, “Only the good Lord knows the secret of my longevity.”

Sister Andre said on Tuesday that while she is “happy” to be the world’s oldest person, “it’s no fun being old, since I used to adore taking care of others, making children dance, and now I can’t do that any longer.”


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