Sonny Bill Williams Bio: Net Worth, Wiki, Boxing Career, Salary, Wife, Children, House, Age

Who Is Sonny Bill Williams?

Sonny Bill Williams who is also known as Sonny William Williams is a New Zealand is a heavyweight boxer and a retired rugby professional who was born on August 3, 1985, in Auckland, New Zealand.

As part of his career before being a boxer, Williams commenced his with the rugby league. He served as a second-row forward for a period of eight seasons. He won 12 caps at the time for New Zealand. He also earned the title of International player of the year in 2013. After several outstanding performances and fits in rugby, he retired from rugby in March 2021.

Williams is the son of Ioane Williams and his mother, Lee Woolsey. His dad is a Samoan while his mom is half New Zealand and half-Australian. Williams made an emotional reaction speech that had to do with his struggling family and the how and why he chose to pursue particularly rugby to aid and support her mom.

When it comes to the boxing side, Williams several seven times boxed professionally winning most of his heavyweight bouts. He earned the New Zealand Professional Boxing Association Heavy Weights Champion as well as the international heavyweights champion.

Sonny Bill Williams Net Worth

Williams’s Net worth is $25 million.

Sonny Bill Williams Boxing Career

Williams has fought seven times professionally, winning all of his heavyweight fights.

Sonny Bill Williams Salary

Williams is paid an annual salary of £2.6 million on average.

Sonny Bill Williams Wife

He is married to Alana Rafie

Sonny Bill Williams Children

Iman and Aisha, as well as sons Zaid and Essa, are the Williams’ four children.

Sonny Bill Williams House

Williams and his family have whisked away to the opulent Meriton Suites Pitt Street penthouse in Sydney’s central business district.

Sonny Bill Williams Age

Williams is 36 years old.

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