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Steven Del Duca Mouth and Face

Steve Del Duca is a Canadian politician who has been the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party since March 7, 2020. Del Duca previously served in the provincial cabinet from 2014 to 2018.

A by-election to replace Greg Sorbara, who stepped down earlier that year, was held in the riding of Vaughan in 2012, and he campaigned as the Liberal candidate.

Steven Del Duca
Steven Del Duca

His Progressive Conservative (PC) opponent, Tony Genco, lost to him. In the 2014 provincial election, he defeated PC opponent Peter Meffe and won a second term. Premier Kathleen Wynne appointed him minister of transportation on June 24, 2014.

One of the ministers responsible for the greatest infrastructure expenditure in Ontario history, including $29 billion allocated to transit and transportation, was in this position.

Twelve additional GO Transit stations were announced by the Ministry of Transportation in June 2016, however, only 10 have been approved by the Metrolinx board that oversees regional transit projects.

Two new GO stations, Kirby GO Station for the Barrie line, and Lawrence East GO Station for the SmartTrack project were approved by the Board of Directors in late June.

According to Metrolinx estimates, the Kirby station would reduce overall line ridership.

Steven Del Duca Mouth and Face

Because he hasn’t addressed this in his work, there aren’t many good explanations for why Steven Del Duca’s mouth is so distinctive. His lips’ symmetry and movement when he is speaking are noticeable to others.

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