Tammel Esco History

According to authorities, Esco has a criminal history and has already spent time on assault.

Tammel Esco Black

Tammel Esco is an African American. He is a black man


This is a crime committed solely against Asian Americans, which began in New York and spread throughout the world after the outbreak.

According to their reports, about 10,000 occurrences have been recorded in the last two years by an NCO who is situated all over the world. 91.5 percent of the 10,905 complaints were based on race.

Crime Record

According to Mueller, Esco has 14 arrests and multiple convictions on his record.

Esco has 14 prior arrests, half of which were for felony counts, according to Yonkers police. He pushed a woman through a plate glass window in February 2021 and received a conditional discharge with no jail time.

He was found guilty of assault in 2011 and sentenced to three years in jail. After two and a half years on parole, he was released.

Following his arrest last year, Esco enrolled in a five-month substance abuse treatment program, according to CBS2. He was previously sentenced to 42 months in jail for a stabbing in 2010.

Who is he

Tammel Esco is the culprit, and he is 42 years old. According to reliable reports, he was arrested on Friday in Yonkers, New York.

He did the racial remakes on the Asina lady, who is over 67 years old. Esco is also seen in the video bashing up women nearly 125 times while attempting to chase a woman inside a building.


Esco’s personal life has been a well guarded secret, as has the identity of his family.


This is a link to Tammel Esco’s Facebook account




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