As a result of the coronavirus pandemic’s 60-game short season, Major League Baseball and the Players’ Association have agreed to prorate wages in 2020.

It’s common to hear the likes of Royce Clayton and others state, “It’s just a little portion of the company’s overall earnings. That is a lot of money and a lot of riches to distribute when they’re selling organizations for more than $300 million each.

Nothing about this makes me greedy. No more than what’s in the kitty is on the table for us. Now that the money is in the pot, we may divide it whichever the players deem it to be worth.

” Those who own teams, on the other side, such as Arizona Diamondbacks owner Jerry Colangelo, may be heard saying “The problem is that we’re in difficulty because of the rising wages and the lack of revenues that even come close to covering those costs.

No one could argue that it’s a good indication. There must be a fundamental shift in the economy. That is crystal clear.”

The estimated salary for the Tampa Bay Rays in 2022 is $85 million.

An 11-year, $185 million deal agreement with Tampa Bay has been inked, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan. Franco comfortably surpassed the six-year, $100 million pact signed by Rays’ third baseman Evan Longoria in 2012.

Below is a list of how much each player makes at Tampa Bay Rays 

PLAYERS                AGE                  SALARY

Kevin Kiermaier       32                   $12,000,000

Tyler Glasnow          28                  $6,000,000

Manuel Margot        27                $5,000,000

Ryan Yarbrough       30                  $4,600,000

Brooks Raley             34                $4,250,000

Brandon Lowe         27                   $4,000,000

Austin Meadows      27                   $4,000,000

Ji-Man Choi             31                    $3,100,000

Yandy Diaz              30                      $2,500,000

Matt Wisler               29                    $2,000,000

Andrew Kittredge      32                    $ 1,500,000

Wander Franco           21                  $1,000,000

Francisco Mejia            24                  $1,400,000

Brett Philips                 28                   $1,250,000

Yonny Chirinos              28                 $1,200,000

Nick Anderson               31                $900,000


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