Tandra Bowser-Williams Net Worth: Is Tandra Bowser-Williams A Millionaire?

Meet Tandra Bowser-Williams a 49-year-old corrections captain at Rikers Island who is now making waves after suffering from a massive stroke after receiving a fact transfer surgery from a self-acclaimed surgeon called Dr. Hector Cabral. According to the reports which were given by the husband of the victim Curtis Williams.

According to the reports they both booked a flight time to Santo Domingo to receive a fat transfer surgery from Cabral. According to recounted reports, the surgery was carried out but Tandra from health reactions suffered a massive heart failure after some days just after the surgery.

The medical surgeon in question who is known as Cabral has a history of operating without a license. He was said to have been formerly prosecuted in the year March 2011 by former New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman on several 10 accounts of operation, particularly without a medical license as well as fraud conspiracy charges.

He was convicted of charging for consultations and medical exams in med spas and beauty salons in New York before luring unwary patients to the Dominican Republic for cheap cosmetic operations that left many women severely scarred.

Tandra Bowser-Williams
Tandra Bowser-Williams

Is Tandra Bowser-Williams A Millionaire?

The net worth information of the deceased is not disclosed to the public domain. As to whether she was a Millionaire or not, we can’t ascertain that fact.

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