Taryn Harris Estelle Harris Daughter: How old is Taryn Harris Daughter of Estelle Harris?

Estelle met Sy, a window treatment salesman, at a dance in 1952, and the two married six months later.  Eric (born 1957) and Glen (born 1961) were their boys, while Taryn was their daughter (born 1964).

Eric works as a social worker, Glen is a music promoter who also serves as his mother’s unofficial manager, and Taryn is a retired Nassau County cop. [2] Harris has three grandkids as well.

Harris pursued acting jobs once her children entered school, initially in amateur performances, then in dinner theater and commercials. This article focuses on her daughter, Taryn Harris, and her age.

Taryn Harris, Estelle Harris’s Daughter

Taryn is a former Nassau County police officer who, according to her job description, was forced to resign owing to her ineptitude. A substantial fortune may have been accumulated as a result of her efforts. She began performing professionally in 1977 and today has a credit score in excess of 100 points.

In the television program Seinfeld, Taryn played Estelle Costanza, a role she held from 1992 until 1998.

How old is Taryn Harris, Daughter of Estelle Harris?

Even though the exact date of birth of Taryn Harris is unknown, we know she was born in 1964. Calculating her age from 1964 to 2022 gives us 58 years. This means Taryn Harris is 58 years old.

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