Tatjana Maria, a German tennis player, was born on August 8, 1987, in Bad Saulgau, West Germany. Her best singles ranking was No. 46 in November 2017 and her best doubles ranking was No. 54 in June 2016 for the German tennis player.

With two singles titles and four doubles titles under her belt, Maria has made a name for herself on the WTA Tour. As a member of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) circuit, she has also won 15 singles and 15 doubles titles.

Who is Tatjana Maria’s Husband Charles-Edouard Maria?

Originally from France, Charles-Edouard Maria is a retired tennis player. Charles-Edouard Maria was born on the 18th of May 1974

Charles-Edouard Maria is the husband and coach of highly rated tennis player Tatjana Maria. They have been married for nine years and have two children together. Charlotte Maria, aged eight, and Cecilia Maria, aged one, are Charles-Edouard and Tatjana’s two children.

Charles, who is now a tennis coach in France, was never ranked among the top 100 men’s singles players in the world. The couples have been together for almost a decade, and their love for one another has not changed from how it was when they were first getting to know one other.

It’s common knowledge that Tatjana and Charles are one of  the most powerful couples in sports.



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