Tetsuya Yamagami was a former Japanese navy, and part of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) who was arrested for the shooting of the former Prime minister of  Japan Shinzo Abe.

Tetsuya Yamagami
Tetsuya Yamagami

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, died on Friday (July 8) after he was shot in Nara, Japan, by a 41-year-old man identified as Tetsuya Yamagami.

The young man after shooting the former minister of Japan was apprehended by some police officers who were at the scene of the event.

According to reports, Tetsuya is known to have revealed that the works of Shinzo Abe were below average e which prompted him into assassinating him.

The shooting of the prime minister happens to be the first attempt in over a decade according to reports that are coming in. Tetsuya has since been charged with attempted murder after he was caught.

Tetsuya Yamagami Age: How old is Tetsuya Yamagami?

Tetsuya Yamangami is known to be 41 years of age according to reports that were released to the press by the Japanese police force after the shooting incident.


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