Four years ago, the Baltimore Ravens were behind the Jacksonville Jaguars during a halftime break. The Ravens were outscored 23-0 in the first half. For Baltimore Ravens fans, it was a nightmare. In the first half, the Ravens gained only 15 yards. At the same time, the Jaguars had 261 total yards. Before the fortunate halftime interval, Sam Koch punted six times. The Ravens’ other drive ended with an interception.

The Baltimore Ravens did not appear to be in attendance. It didn’t appear to be the same club who defeated the Bengals 20-0. It wasn’t the same club that thrashed the Browns so easily. With their legs tied and arms behind their backs, this Ravens team made moving the football appear like climbing Tallest Mountain.

While slipping into a 23-0 hole, the defense received absolutely little pass rush. Eric Weddle was unable to finish a sack when they did. The Jaguars dominated the Ravens in this encounter. Blake Bortles appeared to be playing on air. The Jaguars’ rushing offense was led by Leonard Fournette, who had 77 yards on the ground in the opening 30 minutes of the game.

The offensive line was at its worst. Flacco didn’t stand a chance, even though his play was poor. The offense appeared to be hopeless. The Ravens made the Jaguars seem like the Patriots from New England. The Jaguars deserve credit. They had the appropriate mindset going into this game and played with purpose. The Ravens simply aided them in whatever way they could.

It got much worse. The second half got off to a similar start. With great ease, the Jaguars increased their lead to 30-0. Then Terrence West mishandled the ball, and the Jaguars got a lengthy return for a first-and-goal situation. The Ravens then allowed Mercedes Lewis to score a touchdown against Tony Jefferson. All of a sudden, the score was 37-0. Halfway through the third quarter, the Ravens were being humiliated to an extent rarely seen in football.

There is no doubt about that. This is the franchise’s worst game ever. They had a 2-0 lead. They’d just won two games in a row. Fans were hoping for a win when the game began. When the game ended, viewers were left with a lot of questions. The Ravens were humiliated in this game. It was a complete disaster. The Ravens have had their share of terrible luck. Without a doubt, this was the worst.

The Ravens were behind 44-0 after a fake punt aggravated the situation. They yanked Joe Flacco out of the game and began rushing the ball. The game was over when the fourth quarter began. In the beginning of the game, Baltimore appeared to be sleepwalking, and by the finish, they just wanted it to be over. There’s nothing nice to say. This was the Ravens’ worst performance ever, and it wasn’t even close. It was a complete thrashing. The Jaguars performed admirably.

There’s nothing positive to be gained from this game.


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