As reported by Jenny Vrentas, The Cleveland Browns are worse than a couple of teams with losing records in the NFL, which is reasonable. Despite their flaws, the Cleveland Browns have genuine potential.

It’s understandable if that’s hard to take considering they recently made history by losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers 28-24 and becoming the second club in NFL history to go 0-16.

Beyond 2017, it becomes even more difficult to entertain any favorable thoughts about the Browns. As a reminder, we’re talking about a team that was on the verge of going winless in 2016 before finishing 2017 with a whimper worthy of the Browns.

Corey Coleman fumbled a fourth-and-goal reception in the final quarter of Sunday’s game, spoiling a potentially game-winning drive.

There is no evidence to suggest that the Cleveland Browns have fielded the worst squad in league history despite their dreadful play, their 1-31 record under Hue Jackson, and their upcoming pick in the first two rounds of both the upcoming NFL drafts.

The Cleveland Browns and the 2008 Detroit Lions are now permanently linked as the only clubs to endure a winless season of 16 games.

The Browns’ never-ending renovation means they have a lot of work ahead of them. Defensive end Myles Garrett (2016 first overall pick), who had seven sacks in 11 games in his first season, is one of the team’s strongest foundational elements.


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