The NFL’s worst owner in the last two decades is Daniel Snyder. While owning the Washington franchise for 21 years, he has consistently failed the organization due to his insistence on keeping the “Redskins” moniker until he is forced to do so in 2020.

It is still one of the NFL’s most profitable and popular clubs due to its large market, rich history, and national fan base, but the Washington Football Team has lost its importance as a winning and well-run business. That’s a direct result of Snyder’s decision-making over the years, which has alienated many executives, coaches, and fans.

With the 2012 trade-up for Robert Griffin III in the draft. The Broncos and Falcons exchanged T.J. Duckett in 2006 as another possibility. Jason Taylor, who was 34 when he was traded to the Washington Redskins from the Miami Dolphins in 2008, comes to mind as another example.

In the end, the Redskins acquired Donovan McNabb in exchange for a 2010 second-round pick (37th overall, Nate Allen) as well as a subsequent 2010 fourth-round pick (104th overall), but none of those trades made the cut for WFT.

While playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, Donovan McNabb won five NFC East titles and appeared in eight postseason games in his first 11 years of the NFL. That success was expected to continue even after Michael Vick replaced McNabb in Philadelphia.

McNabb, who had a 5-8 record in 13 starts, was traded by Washington for a second and third-round draft selection. During the 2010 season, he threw more picks (15) than touchdown passes (14) throughout the season. Was


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