Due to a terrible diving accident, former German football star Thorsten Legat will be missing a testicle. During his playing career, the 53-year-old former midfielder with Werder Bremen won the Bundesliga, Cup Winners’ Cup, and German Cup.

When he was found guilty of injuring one of the young people he had threatened with a samurai sword, he further stirred up controversy. In addition, he was fired from Stuttgart for acting racially toward a teammate and hurting a man in a street brawl.

Thorsten Legat and Wife
Thorsten Legat and Wife

Legat also played 243 times for Bochum, Eintracht Frankfurt, and Schalke, three of his hometown clubs. He recently took part in the diving competition Turmspringen on RTL TV, but during practice, he had a terrible injury.

The veteran, who represented West Germany at the U21 level and received a cap, revealed: “I went to rehearsal and did a few practice dives.

“I then made a bad splash into the water. My scrotum grew larger than a balloon, giving me the impression that I was developing the third ball. In the middle of August, I’ll get the testicle removed.

I was so astonished and upset at first that I believed my entire life was collapsing in on me. I will have an implant put in. They told me it is like a breast implant. I could still father children. But that’s not something I am thinking of – I have two wonderful sons of 24 and 22.” Legat added.

Thorsten Legat married his wife, Alexandra, in 1990, with whom he has two sons today. He and his children have been living in Wermelskirchen in Bergisches Land for years.


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