Tim Norman Wife: Is Tim Norman Married?

James “Tim” Norman

Tim Norman is a well-known American entrepreneur, musician, and reality television star. He was raised until he was an adult by his single mother, Robbie Montgomery, after being born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1979.

Tim has worked on his mother’s musical endeavours in addition to writing and producing his own unique tunes.

Robbie Montgomery is Tim Norman’s sole parent, and he is Robbie Norman. According to information regarding Norman’s musical career that can be found in his bio on Welcome to Sweetie Pie,

he has been devoting his free time to pursuing a career in music. According to the biography on the Sweetie Pie website,

Norman is also involved in groups like the Boys and Girls Club, “where he works with at-risk youngsters to help instill self-confidence and guide them down a positive life path.

” Tim Norman, the son of Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s actor Robbie Montgomery, who also owns a restaurant, was detained on August 18 in connection with the death of his teenage nephew. 

Norman ran into some issues while he was in his late teens. He ultimately received a ten-year prison term for the armed robbery he carried out.

He was charged with planning the murder of his nephew Andre Montgomery Jr.  In relation to the incident, he was charged with mail fraud, murder for hire, and murder for hire resulting in death.

Is Tim Norman Married?

 Tim Norman, who is successful in business and a familiar face on television, is not married at this time. After being arrested for the murder of his nephew, he is really concentrating on regaining the good reputation he formerly had in the community.

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