Cath, one of the Tipping Point program’s competitors, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday afternoon (May 4, 2022), the show reported just before it went on the air. Cath is a retired bus driver from Bolton.

She had competed against Afqad and Mark in the struggle for a shot at the possible £10,000 prize, which they had shared with the other two players from Bolton. Cath was the first to be eliminated, leaving Afqad and Mark to compete for the cash, according to Wales Online.

Tipping Point Contestant Cath Cause Of Death

Unfortunately, word came in before the program aired that Cath, who had declared “I don’t want to go home” shortly before being knocked out, had passed away.

Tipping Point stated in a tweet sent out 15 minutes before the show aired:

“Cath’s family informed us of her demise shortly after the taping of today’s show was completed, and we chatted with them about it. Tipping Point would want to express their heartfelt condolences to you and your family.”

What Is The Cause Of Death of Tipping Point Contestant, Cath?

Well, the family has not yet confirmed what the real cause of the death of the retired bus driver and the Tipping Point Contestant is. We are yet to confirm what really led to her death.


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