Meet Toby Keith who is an American country music musician, a movie star as well as a record producer from Clinton, Oklahoma in the United States. Toby was born on July 8, 1961. He is particularly known by his professional name Keith. His four debut studio albums he released were “Toby Keith” which he released in the year 1993, “Bloomtown” in 1994, “Blue Moon” in 1996, and “Dream Walkin” in 1997 respectively. The albums he released were known to be top albums that earned a great degree of recognition.

His first signing was at DreamWorks Records in the year 1998 in Nashville. His breakthrough single he released was titled “How Do You Like Me Now” which was in late 1999. The song was known to be the title track one the number one song in the year 2000.

Ever wondered how Show Dog-Universal came about in the United States? It was first founded with the label name Show Dog Nashville merging with Universal Studio Records by Keith himself. After its successful situation, the studio was able to release a number ten studio remarkable albums. Notable of them was “White Trash With Money”, “Big Dog Daddy” and so on.

Toby Keith
Toby Keith

How did Toby Keith Get so Rich?

Toby Keith has sold over 40 million records and has 61 songs on the Billboard Hot Country chart, giving him a net worth of $365 million – one million for each day of the year! Cowboy Capitalist Toby Keith is a country music $500 millionaire.


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