Tulsi Gabbard Children: Does Tulsi Gabbard Have Any Children?

At the young age of 21, Tulsi Gabbard won a seat in the House of Representatives in the state of Hawaii. From 2013 through 2021,

she represented Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district as a United States Representative in Washington. She held the position of vice chair of the Democratic National Committee while she was serving in the House of Representatives. S

She stepped down in order to lend her support to Bernie Sanders’s bid for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016.

After being defeated by Kai Kahele on January 3, 2021, she resigned from her seat in the House of Representatives. Fox News employs her as a commentator on international affairs despite the fact that she does not belong to any other political party.

On April 12, 1981, Gabbard was born in Leloaloa, which is located in Maoptsi County, on the island of Tutuila, which is the primary island of American Samoa.

She hails from Europe as well as Samoa, and she was brought up in an environment that was rich in cultural diversity. As a young adult, Gabbard made the decision to become a Hindu.

Holy basil is considered by Hindus to be a physical incarnation of the goddess Tulasi, hence her first name, which comes from the Sanskrit word for holy basil, is also her name.

2015 marked the year that she tied the knot with Abraham Williams, a freelancing cinematographer and editor who was also the son of her office manager.

Does Tulsi Gabbard Have Any Children?

Abraham Williams and Tulsi Gabbard got hitched in 2015. No information is available, though, on whether or not they are parents., even though she is married

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