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Tyreek Hill Wife: Is Tyreek Hill still with his Fiancée?

Tyreek Hill is an NFL player who was arrested in December 2014 after choking and punching Espinal, who was then pregnant with their son.

He pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation and was dismissed from the Oklahoma State football team, though the charges were later expunged.

Hill was investigated for supposed battery after an episode in which his three-year-old child supported a messed-up arm.

The next month, his child was put into care briefly because of a crisis hearing directed by the Kansas Department of Children and Families.

The Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe made an announcement, saying that his office accepted wrongdoing had been carried out however the proof didn’t permit them to close the culprit and that the Kansas Department of Children and Families kept on investigating.

The next day, a sound recording of Hill and Espinal talking about the injury to their child and the resulting examination was delivered.

In the recording that surfaced, Hill and his life partner talk about their child’s wrecked arm; she says that their child is terrified of him, to which Hill answers, “You ought to fear me as well.”

Accordingly, the criminal examination concerning Hill was re-opened. On June 7, examiners declared the body of evidence against Hill was inert.

Tyreek Hill Wife: Is Tyreek Hill still with his Fiancée?

Tyreek and his ex-fiancee Crystal Espinal went separate ways due to domestic abuse and others. Hill’s Crystal Espinal is an American self-employed businesswoman who was born on the 4th of August 1994 in Dante, Texas, USA.

Who Is Tyreek New Girlfriend?

Keeta Vaccaro is a well-known American Social media force to be reckoned with and model from America who hails from Brownwood, Texas.

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