Tytyana is the daughter of Master P. Sonya C. Tatyana Miller, who was born on June 15, 1992, and her friends and family called her TaTa. Romeo, Italy, Cymphonique, Young V, Mercy, Hercy, Inty, and Veno Miller are her other siblings.

Growing Up Hip Hop on WE TV presented an episode with Tytyana as a guest star. The show highlighted her struggles with addiction as well as the attempts made by her father and brother Romeo to assist her in remaining sober after their intervention.

During an episode that aired in 2016, she brought up the possibility of checking into a rehabilitation centre with both her brother and her father.

She confided in her father that she didn’t believe she needed treatment at a rehabilitation facility since she believed she could function normally without it. The artist behind “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!,”

“I mean, you say that, TyTy, but on the serious side, I believe we should seek some expert help simply to make sure you remain on track… ”

“I mean, you say that TyTy,” I don’t want you to continue doing this, therefore I think it’s important that you at least give this a

Tatyana Miller Obituary

The death announcement for Tatyana Miller has not yet been made public.

Cause Of Death

Her death was caused by her addiction to substances.


Tytyana was the daughter of Master P and Sonya C. Master P offered a touching tribute to his daughter on Instagram, alluding to her drug struggles prior to her death.


Details of Miller’s funeral will be revealed at a later time.

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