Vic Elford Cause Of Death: How Did Vic Elford Die?

How Did Vic Elford Die?

Vic Elford battled prostate  Cancer for over a year before his death. He died at the age of 86.

Victor Henry Elford was an English driver who competed in sports car racing, rallying, and Formula One.

Since his debut on July 7, 1968, he has competed in the 13 World Championship Formula One Grands Prix. He ended up with a total of eight championship points.

Elford, dubbed “Quick Vic” by his contemporaries, was primarily a well-known sports car competitor as well as a successful rally driver who was frequently connected with Porsche.

In a Triumph TR3A, Elford began his career as a co-driver with David Seigle-Morris.

Elford had gained enough confidence to consider himself a potential driver in his own right by 1961.

However, Elford’s confidence was not shared by team manager Marcus Chambers, so Elford bought a race-tuned Mini and rallied it as a privateer with limited success before selling it at the end of the season.

He drove a factory-sponsored DKW Junior to victory in many UK rallies in 1962.

Elford returned to Triumph the following year, setting extremely fast times with the Triumph TR4s, though the cars’ dependability was unsatisfactory, and Elford transferred to Ford the following year, beginning a successful three-year rallying tenure with the Ford Cortinas.

Elford moved to South Florida in the United States after retiring. Elford died on March 13, 2022.

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