Who is Victor Fazio?

Victor Fazio, a 76-year-old Democratic congressman from California who ascended through the ranks to become an influential leader in the House, has died.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Fazio’s death on Wednesday, although her staff did not disclose any details.

Who is Judy Fazio?

Judy, a 32-year resident of Arlington, Virginia, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on November 13, 1943.

She migrated from Missouri to California as a young girl, the daughter of Mable and Jacob Neidhardt, and graduated from Sacramento City College.

She became involved in local Democratic politics, volunteering for Phil Isenberg’s Sacramento mayoral campaign, George McGovern’s Presidential campaign, and, finally, Vic Fazio’s State Assembly campaign, where the two met for the first time.

Vic Fazio and Judy Fazio married in 1983. She went on to serve at her husband’s California district office before moving to Washington, DC. For more than a decade, Fazio represented the 4th and subsequently 3rd Congressional districts.


What happened to Judy Fazio

In August 2015, Judy died suddenly of heart failure at their then vacation home in Currituck, North Carolina.
Judy had two children from a previous marriage, Kevin Kern of Fair Oaks and Kristie Kern of Herdon, Virginia, as well as two stepchildren, Dana Fazio of Fair Oaks and Anne Noel Fazio of Herdon, Va. (1973-1995).

Judy died leaving her husband, Vic, her children Kevin and Kristie, her stepdaughter Dana, three grandchildren, Kendra Kern, Karly Kern, and Keira Jeske, and her Atlanta-based sister Carol Davidson.


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