Vladislav Avayev Biography: Real Age, Wife, Children, Net Worth 2022, Cause of Death

Vladislav Avayev

Vladislav Avayev Biography

Vladislav Avayev was a former Vice President of Gazprombank Vladislav Avayev. He had worked for the bank for quite some time before deciding to leave.

Vladislav Avayev
Vladislav Avayev

Vladislav Avayev Real Age

Vladislav Avayev died at the age of 51. He was born in 1971.

Vladislav Avayev Wife

Former banker Vladislav Avayev’s pregnant wife, Yelena was found dead at their home in the Russian capital.

Vladislav Avayev Children

Before his death, Vladislav Avayev had two children Maria and Anastasia. 26-year-old Anastasia found the bodies of his younger sister Maria, aged 13 at their residence in the Russian capital.

Vladislav Avayev Net Worth

Despite being wealthy, Vladislav Avayev’s net worth is yet to be discovered.

Vladislav Avayev Cause of Death

The deaths of three people, including a girl, were discovered in an apartment complex on Universitetsky Prospekt, a green street in southwest Moscow, according to Russian state news agency TASS.

The bodies were discovered by Avayev’s eldest daughter Anastasia, 26, when they heard that neither the family driver nor the nanny could get through on the phone, according to police spokesperson Yulia Ivanova.

A gun was found in Avayev’s hand, according to a law enforcement source, and they suspect it was a murder-suicide.

Officers claim that Avayev’s wife and daughter were shot first and that the gun was discovered in his possession.

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