What Actually Happened, Colby Covington Fight with Jorge Masvidal

In the main event, Covington (16–3) defeated Masvidal (35–15) by unanimous decision, dominating every round and demonstrating that he was the superior mixed martial artist.

Covington is a great wrestler, but his style lacks excitement. To overcome this, he established a highly controversial Donald Trump-supporting persona, which helped him rise to prominence in mixed martial arts.

According to the chants from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas after each takedown on Masvidal, it’s clear that Covington is still one of the best fighters in the world, and it’s clear why he felt obliged to develop such a memorable scene.

Why did Masvidal and Colby fall out?

Masvidal encouraged a young Covington over 10 years prior.

They reinforced overtraining and poker shared a loft and were near such an extent that American Top Team proprietor Dan Lambert kidded that he thought they were “seeing someone.”

Covington’s raising, unrefined manner of speaking including focusing on colleagues, as well as a monetary conflict among Covington and one of Masvidal’s mentors, caused a caustic split.

Their common history over almost 10 years has made one of the most private competitions the game has at any point seen. On Saturday, no one will remain among Covington and Masvidal.


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