Toronto Blue Jays are nicknamed the Blue Jays or simply, the Jays.

The Blue Jays were chosen by a panel of judges from among the final ten entries because, in their words, “The blue jay is a vivid blue North American bird with a white underbelly and a black neck ring. It is a powerful, aggressive, and curious creature. It is down-to-earth, brave, and good-looking, but it dares to take on all comers.” Then that’s OK.

Another version of events claims that the term was coined by John Robarts, the previous Premier of Ontario. “I noticed a blue jay out of my window,” he reportedly shouted at a director’s meeting. In other news, for breakfast this morning, I had a waffle. So they’ll be known as the Toronto Waffles? It’s strange, and I’m not buying it. Blue Jays were formed as a result of a name-the-team contest.

Another hypothesis is that the team’s previous owner, Labatt Brewery, insisted on the term “blue” being included in the name for marketing purposes. It’s possible that they rigged the name-the-team contest and picked the Blue Jays themselves. But do you think a major firm will participate in such a scheme? Especially if it’s a Canadian firm?


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