What Did Sergey Protosenya Do To His Wife And Children?

Mr Protosenya, according to the Mossos Catalan police department, killed his wife Natalya and their 18-year-old daughter Maria in their beds with an axe and knife before hanging himself from the villa’s railings.

Two famous Russian businessmen tied to the lucrative gas industry were found dead in apparent murder-suicides, prompting investigators to look into the matter further.

Russian oligarch apparently kills his wife and 18-year-old daughter with an  ax before taking his own life in Spain - Latest US News Hub

Sergey Protosenya, a multi-millionaire Russian gas industry executive found hanged at his luxury property on the Costa Brava, and his wife and daughter, who died from multiple stab wounds, are being investigated by Spanish police.

However, a Mossos spokesman said that the “investigation is still ongoing” and that no suicide note has been discovered.

According to the local newspaper El Punt Avui, investigators discovered aspects of the crime scene that do not match a domestic violence scenario.

There were no bloodstains on Mr. Protosenya’s clothes, and the killer of the women had evidently used socks as gloves, probably to prevent leaving fingerprints on the weapons.

Sergey Protosenya: así es el asesino de Lloret de Mar

The three victims were discovered on Tuesday in a property in the Catalan resort town of Lloret de Mar, barely one day after Vladislav Avayev, a former Gazprombank executive, his wife, and their 13-year-old daughter were found dead in their Moscow flat from bullet wounds.

According to initial accounts, Mr Avayev shot his family before turning the gun on himself, but Russian police said they would look into any possible connections between his work and personal life.

Mr. Avayev, 51, was a vice president of Gazprombank, a bank created to serve the Russian gas giant Gazprom, and he had previously served as a Kremlin official throughout Vladimir Putin’s administration.


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