Meet Matthew Solomon, who happens to be the convicted murderer of his supposed partner Lisa Solomon. According to the reports he took out his partner Lisa on Christmas Eve 1987. Not long after the incident, he gained prominence in the media. The two were known to have been married for six weeks. However, it was noted that Lisa was gagged in a situation that had to do with their Huntington Station residence. He was known to have deserted her physique in a topic of Oakwood Road in Huntington.

Matthew became a suspect when he made a complaint about his missing spouse. After a few evaluations concerning his wife’s death, there was an iota of truth in his confession that it was an accident at the time the murder happened. In as much, he was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment to life, but he was known to have served 30 years.

After he was convicted, there was no other news about how things went out for him or where he is at the time. There were hovering reports that he was dwelling alongside his mother throughout the Binghamton area.

Matthew Solomon
Matthew Solomon

What Does Matthew Solomon Look Like Now?

According to reports, Solomon will reside near Binghamton with his mother. He’ll have to go to school, won’t be allowed to drink, and will have to tell his parole officer about any relationships he has.


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