Harriet Robson is a professional model who relies on sponsorship campaigns as her primary source of income. She has contributed intelligent fashion and beauty posts, therefore in a way, she is also a fashion influencer.

The model’s romance with Mason undoubtedly contributed to the subsequent increase in her fame on social media.

Harriet Robson
Harriet Robson

To the delight of his followers, some of the seductive photos she posts on Instagram even include the Manchester United star player! Additionally, she has recently started uploading a lot of intimate photos of her and her boyfriend due to covid constraints.

There have been charges against Greenwood who is a Manchester United player since 2018, including “sexual assault and threats to kill” after he was detained in connection with the alleged rape and abuse of Harriet.

Once more, trolls posing as Manchester United fans have taken to the internet. They have harassed Harriet Robson, who Mason Greenwood claims to be his victim, online.

Robson shocked football fans all over the world on January 30th. At that point, Harriet’s Instagram started to overflow with terrifying audio, pictures, and video.

These images were accompanied by the phrase “To everyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood actually does to me.”

To everyone who witnessed and/or heard these events, it was an egregious scream for help.
Domestic violence affected Harriet Robson. Later that day, Greater Manchester Police detained the Manchester United forward.

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