Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez was among the victims who were shot at the Rodd Elementary School.

Annabelle Guadalupe Rodriguez, a third-grader, was pronounced dead by her family just hours after they issued an appeal to report her missing.


Annabelle was in the same fourth-grade classroom as her cousin, Jackie Cazares, 10, when a young gunman barricaded dozens of students and two instructors inside the Uvalde primary school before opening fire on the vulnerable group, her family confirmed to Houston’s KHOU.

Jackie and Annabelle’s great-aunt, Polly Flores, told The New York Times that Jackie had just had her first communion and was the more gregarious of the two 10-year-olds.

Ms Flores told The New York Times, “She was vivacious; she always had to be the focus of attention.” “She used to be my little diva,” says the narrator.

She replied that Annabelle was the more reserved of the two and was on the honor list. Annabelle’s twin sister was said to be “always jealous” of the two girls due to their closeness.


Jackie’s father shared a photo of his daughter in what appears to be a recent photo from her communion, which took place only two weeks before her terrible death, in a heartbreaking Facebook post.

Who Killed Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez?

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez was killed by Salvador Ramos n the Todd Elementary School shooting



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