What Happened to Diana Gabaliene and Deividas Gabalis?

Diana Gabaliene and Deividas Gabalis

Deividas Gabalis and Diana Gabaliene were discovered dead at a residence on George Street in Sleaford on Sunday afternoon.

Police are investigating the deaths of Diana Gabaliene and Deividas Gabalis, who were discovered dead at their home in Lincolnshire.

 Diana Gabaliene and Deividas Gabalis
Diana Gabaliene and Deividas Gabalis

Mr. Gabalis and Ms. Gabaliene were reported injured at the property just after 4 p.m., according to Lincolnshire Police.

Both victims were discovered dead at the scene, and their deaths are being investigated.

While Lincolnshire Police continue to investigate the circumstances, they are confident that they do not need to hunt for anyone else and that the public is not at risk.

According to Lincolnshire Live, friends and neighbors have expressed their “horror” at the news, leaving floral tributes and candles on the spot.

Post-mortem examinations and formal identification for both individuals have yet to be completed, according to the force but are due later this week.

With a minor police presence lingering on the scene, there is a definite sense of shock among neighbors on George Street.

Jennifer Cook had lived across the street from the house where the man and lady were discovered for 38 years.

Investigating officers are pursuing a number of lines of inquiry, and members of the public who may have information are invited to contact the police.

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