Jody Lukoki who was popularly referred to as “The Son of the Wind” was a Congolese professional football player for the FC Twente and DR Congo National Teams. Lukoki played as a winger and attacker in his football career.

Born on November 15, 1992, at Kindu,Zaire died in May 2022 at age 29.

Lukoki had immigrated to the Netherlands with his parents and twin brother NAC Breda player, Madjer Lukoki due to the first Congo war.

What Happened To Jody Lukoki? How Did Jody Lukoki Die?
What Happened To Jody Lukoki? How Did Jody Lukoki Die?

There in the Netherlands, young Lukoki had played for various teams at the youth level and in the 2010-2013 U-20 National Games for the Netherlands. He was able to acquire third place with the U-19 team at the Festival International Espoirs.

On March 19, 2015, Lukoki returned to his homeland DRcongo to play in the National Match against Iraq winning his first cup in that game. Lukoki won two more cups for his country, DR Congo, at the Senior International Level.

How Did Jody Lukoki Die?

It is said that Lukoki was recovering from a serious cruciate ligament injury at the time of his death but it is not confirmed if that was what killed the footballer or if there was another major cause of death.

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