Sergey Protosenya was an engineer and economist who served as the chief financial officer and chief accountant of the oil business Tarkosaleneftegaz, which was established in 1994.

At the time of his death, Protosenya’s net worth was estimated to be $440 million.

Sergey Protosenya and family
Sergey Protosenya and family

The couple’s eldest son, who lives in France, contacted the police after he was unable to contact them. While Natalya and her daughter were reportedly stabbed to death, Protosenya had apparently hanged himself.

What Happened To Sergey Protosenya?

Russian oligarch Sergey Protosenya, his wife, and his daughter were discovered dead in a rented villa in Spain on April 21.

According to a police investigation, the 55-year-old millionaire was found hanging in a villa in the town of Lloret de Mar near Barcelona on April 19, while his wife and daughter were stabbed to death.

Protosenya may have killed his wife and daughter and then hanged himself, or someone may have killed the entire family and then faked the crime scene, according to police.

He and his family resided mainly in France.

Where Is Sergey Protosenya?

The bodies of Sergey Protosenya, his wife Natala, and his 18-year-old daughter have been deposited at the morgue for further investigations i.e. autopsy.


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