What Happened To Victorria Moran-Hidalgo?

Victorria Moran-Hidalgo, of Stanislaus County, was found dead in the South of Market district early Friday morning after a complaint of a possible overdose on Minna Street between Seventh and Eighth streets.

Victorria Moran-Hidalgo
Victorria Moran-Hidalgo

The homicide branch of the police department is investigating the case as a suspicious death, but no arrests have been made.

Moran-Hidalgo has been reported missing three times since last fall, according to Sgt. Luke Schwartz, a Stanislaus County Sheriff spokesperson.

Moran-Hidalgo was reported missing to the Stanislaus County sheriff in September, only to be discovered by Kern County officials months later, hundreds of miles south, on December 27.

Under the name “Victoria Hidalgo,” she was reported missing in Kern County on January 19. The next day, the Concord Police Department received a missing person report for a girl called “Victoria Moran.”

Moran-body Hidalgo’s was located in a place where drug sales have increased since police and community workers expanded their presence in the Tenderloin, according to municipal officials.

On Tuesday morning, a note from someone named JJ, referring to themselves as Moran-“street Hildago’s pops,” was left on a sidewalk monument.

Lt. Jonathan Baxter, a fire department spokeswoman, confirmed that paramedics were rushed to the scene to provide life-saving measures, but referred The Standard to the police for more information.



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