What Has Been Toronto Blue Jays Best Season So Far?

Considering the finest season for the Toronto Blue Jays, the 1996 season is without question the best season.

Why is 1993 Ranked First In The Franchise’s History Rather Than The First Title?

There are two explanations for the decision that the 1996 season is without question the best season for the Toronto Blue Jays

The first is straightforward. It all came to a close on Canadian territory, in Toronto, in front of a raucous home audience. The second one is also quite straightforward. It all came down to a single stroke.

When it comes to baseball, the walk-off home run is something that every player dreams of since the day they first pick up a bat, and Joe Carter was able to fulfill that goal while wearing a Blue Jays uniform on Oct. 23, 1993.

Everything about the way the season concluded, from the legendary broadcast calls to Carter jumping around the bases, is etched in my memory forever.

There were a handful of memorable incidents on the road there, like John Olerud’s pursuit of a 400 batting average and Paul Molitor’s arrival and subsequent.332/.402/.509 slash line that assisted in the formation of WAMCO.

The 1992 Season

It’s tougher to replicate, but your first is always special, and the Blue Jays’ first World Series win was unforgettable.

The Jays won 96 games that year, second-most in team history, and exorcised many postseason demons in the ALCS courtesy to Robbie Alomar and co.

The Atlanta Braves had lost the World Series in 1991, thus the pressure was on them against the retooled and all-in Blue Jays.

On Oct. 24, 1992, the Jays won their first ring at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium with five future Hall of Famers on the field – Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Dave Winfield, Roberto Alomar, and Jack Morris.

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