What is Jayda’s Net Worth 2022: How Much is Jayda Worth?

Jayda Worth

Jayda Cheaves, a young business owner, has said that the support she receives from her customers and the community at large is what keeps her going through the inevitable periods of rejection she experiences.

The mentality of getting money has always been ingrained in her, therefore the phrase “stack your paper, stack your coins” is what she likes to repeat to herself in order to keep her attention on her objectives and what is in store for her.

Her presence on social media served as a stepping stone, but she is now striving to establish herself in other areas as well.

Cheaves launched her career as an entrepreneur with the help of her renowned business, Amour Jayda L.L.C. She also sells human hair in addition to her clothing brand, which is called Waydamin merch.

Cheaves is not only successful in the business world but also landed in her first movie role as an actress in the movie “Bid for Love”

How Much is Jayda Worth?

As of  2022, Jayda reportedly has an astounding net worth of $ 5 million, as reported by Exact Net Worth.

According to the article, Jayda has been financially independent since she was 16 years old and has been working independently to build her wealth ever since.

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