What Is Joe Cullen’s Net Worth?

Joe Cullen, an English professional darts player who competes in PDC competitions, was born on July 13, 1989. In his early career, he won 3 Youth Tour tournaments and earned twelve times for the PDC World Championship, winning only three times in the first round.

Cullen earned his first PDC Pro Tour victory in 2017 after reaching his first major quarterfinal at the 2016 UK Open. At the 2022 Masters, he managed to win his first televised event. Cullen opted to leave his profession as a postman in 2009 to pursue a darts career.

Cullen rose to fame after qualifying for the UK Open in 2008. He beat Mark Stapleton and Dennis Smith in the first round before falling to Chris Mason in the second round. He joined the PDC tour after his performances in Bolton. He also made it to the finals of the New Kids on the Oche contest, where he was defeated by Arron Monk.

What Is Joe Cullen’s Net Worth?

Joe Cullen’s net worth is believed to be anywhere from $1 million to 7 million dollars. Due to his major work as a professional dart player, Joe has amassed substantial wealth.

Cullen’s income comes from endorsements, marketing, and contracts in addition to his athletics. He makes money by competing in tournaments and does not have a set salary.

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