Kevin Carberry who is currently the offensive line coach for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL) is also a man who had a very successful career as a player as well.

Born on May 19 1983 at Oak Lawn, Illinois, he had his High school education at St. Rita (IL). He had his college education in Ohio where he played some college football before going professional.

He played professionally for 4 years before going into coaching and earned good salaries as a player and now as a manager. He has been a football coach from 2007 till date that he coaches in the National Football League.

Even though Kevin compared to the average person earns a much more significant amount, he is not amongst the highest earners within the NFL. He also had a considerably short playing career which also significantly affects his total earnings as an American football player.

There isn’t much information out there about how much Kevin has earned over his playing and coaching career which makes some people wonder how much his net worth might be.

What Is Kevin Carberry’s Net Worth?

Kevin Carberry over his playing and coaching career has amassed some wealth that gives him a net worth of around 1.8 million dollars.


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