Rick Burkholder is a National Football League (NFL) football coach who has been the Kansas City Chiefs’ vice president of sports medicine and performance since 2018.

He joined the Chiefs in 2013 as the team’s head athletic trainer. Burkholder has had multiple success stories recovering players during his tenure.

Following his advancement in 2018, he kept on managing the athletic preparation staff and added the group’s solidarity and molding and gear divisions to his obligations.

Burkholder got perhaps the most elevated distinction in his calling as he was chosen for a three-year term as President of the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS), which serves the players of the NFL, the part clubs, and different individuals from the local area while guaranteeing the best of medical care given to the NFL.

What Is Rick Burkholder’s Net Worth?

Rick Burkholder has an estimated net worth of $5 million as the Vice President of Sports Medicine and Performance of the Kansas City Chiefs.

What Teams Has Rick Burkholder Coached So Far?

Rick Burkholder has never coached any team in the National Football League.

Burkholder has been a pioneer in sports medicine, focusing on preventive and treatment programs for dehydration, asthma, and lower back injuries.

He modified the team’s stretching regimen and implemented a torso-strengthening program known as “back school” in Philadelphia, where he was helpful in injury prevention.


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