Alexander Yevgenievich Volkov (born October 24, 1988) is a Russian mixed martial artist who competes on the professional level.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is where he now fights in the Heavyweight category. Volkov has been competing in mixed martial arts professionally since 2009.

He has previously competed for the M-1 Global company as well as Bellator MMA. In both promotions, he has held the heavyweight championship title. He is currently ranked #6 in the UFC heavyweight rankings as of February 14, 2022.

An agreement between Volkov and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was revealed in September 2016.

On November 19, 2016, he made his UFC debut in a fight against Timothy Johnson at UFC Fight Night 99.

Volkov was granted a split decision victory after a heated debate.  Johnson won the fight by a unanimous decision in all 12 of the media polls.

What Nationality is Alexander Volkov?


The Russian mixed martial artist Alexander Yevgenievich Volkov was born October 24, 1988

Volkov is primarily a striker who attacks from the sidelines. Delivering accurate strikes from a distance requires him to make use of his tremendous height, extended reach, and strong kicks.

The calm and technical pugilism he is known for, along with his punishing body kicks, are among his most well-known attributes. He used these to his advantage in his knockout victory against Walt Harris at UFC 254.


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