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What Type of Cancer did Traci Braxton die of?

What Type of Cancer did Traci Braxton die of?

Traci Braxton had esophageal cancer for a while according to the family.

Esophageal cancer is a condition in which malignant cells originate in the esophagus’ tissues. Esophageal cancer risk is increased by smoking, high alcohol consumption, and Barrett’s esophagus.

Braxton died surrounded by her sisters, mother, and friends, according to her publicist Tomasina Perkins-Washington. She died at the age of 50.

Braxton, who was born in 1971, was recognized for her work in films such as “Sinners Wanted,” “Chaaw,” and the stage piece “There’s a Stranger in My House.”

Her performances alongside her siblings Toni, Trina, Tamar, and Michael on the family’s reality TV show “Braxton Family Values” were possibly her best known.

In 2014, she also released the hit single “Last Call,” which reached No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100. Four years later, she recorded “Broken Things” alongside her sisters Toni, Towanda, and Trina.

Braxton worked as a social worker with children with disabilities for all of her adult life, according to her website, in addition to being a singer and entertainer.

She volunteered for charities and charity groups that assist women and children in confronting health and socioeconomic issues.

Braxton leaves behind a husband, a son, siblings, and a mother.

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