In October 2022, Amou Haji, a resident of Dejgah, Iran, passed away at the age of 94. With the exception of a single wash that took place only a few short months before he passed away,

he had not taken a bath in almost seven decades. Some of the villagers believe that he had a fear of water, while others claim that he believed that cleanliness was the cause of illness.

In spite of the common belief that maintaining traditional cleanliness practices is essential to a long and healthy life,

Amou Haji was able to make it to the age of 94 despite the fact that he only washed his clothes once over the entire period from the 1950s until 2022.

The majority of Amou Haji’s diet consisted of rotting porcupine meat and dead animals found on the road. Instead of getting his water from a well,

he drank from puddles and sipped it out of an old oil can that had rust on it. Haji delighted in his favourite activities, such as puffing on animal dung that he pulled from his pipe while he wasn’t eating or drinking.

What Was the World’s Dirtiest Man’s Real Name?

Amou Haji, who hails from Iran, holds the title of being the dirtiest man in the world. It is believed that he passed away at the age of 94.

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