Mason Greenwood, who plays for Manchester United, was found guilty by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in the United Kingdom on charges of attempted rape, coercive behavior, and physical damage. Since February 2nd, the player for Manchester United has been free on bail.

According to the CPS’s findings, Mason Greenwood is responsible for the attempted rape, coercive behavior, and physical abuse. On Saturday, he was taken into custody on the suspicion of violating the terms of his bail.

The Manchester United player is scheduled to make his appearance in court on Monday. The football player was initially taken into custody this year in January on charges of assault and rape, and then again in April on charges of sexual assault and making death threats.

Prosecutors who specialize in rape did an investigation and looked at the evidence before bringing the charges against the football player. On October 17, he is scheduled to make an appearance in front of the magistrates in Manchester.

The CPS informed us that he is entitled to a fair trial and that all of the criminal procedures against him are currently ongoing. Since these claims came to light, Manchester United has decided to suspend the player in question. He played in his final Premier League game on January 22.


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