Meet Major League Baseball player Albert Pujols from the Dominican Republic, who is well-known for playing for the St. Louis Cardinals. For the St. Louis Cardinals, Albert, a first baseman and designated hitter born on January 16, 1980, plays both positions. It is well-known that Albert Pujols also participated in baseball games for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels.

This article focuses on the wife of Albert Pujols. The couple got married in the year January 1, 2000. They were said to have had five children together, before they got separated on April 4, 2022.

Albert Pujols began his professional career in the year 1999 when he was drafted in the 13th round of the Major League Baseball draft by the St Louis Cardinals selecting him in the 402 overall picks.

Albert is believed to have played his very first significant career games for the Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels for more than nine seasons, and the Dodgers for roughly half a season, totaling 11 seasons. Jose Alberto is the oldest MLB player ever recorded as of the year 2020, according to history.

Regarding Pujols’ great prognosis for his baseball career, it is noted that he possesses a degree of patience, raw power, and an impressive capacity for contact hitting. It has been discovered that Albert won the National League Most Valuable Player awards in 2005, 2008, and 2009. You might find it interesting to know that Albert Pujols is one of three players with a career total of more than 2,200 RBIs.

When Did Albert Pujols Wife Deidre Pujols Have Surgery?

Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols after filing for divorce from his wife, Deidre, underwent a procedure to remove a brain tumor on October 2021.


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